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“You’re under arrest”. Possibly the worst thing you could ever imagine. At this time, your rights, your freedom and your future are in jeopardy. You need the most experienced criminal defense lawyer you can find. You need the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby.

For more than 37 years, I have represented persons charged with nearly every imaginable crime, from capital murder (death penalty) to the most minor traffic offense. I appear in every court in Maryland, whether circuit or district, adult or juvenile, State of Maryland or federal. The Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby bring to every case the understanding, creativity, and knowledge to best achieve the goals of the client. Remember, the charging papers say “State of Maryland” or “United States of America” v. “You,” as the person charged. Your liberty, your job, your family and your very future may depend on your choice of the right person to represent and defend you.

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When I provide an assessment of your case, you can count on it being honest and straightforward. I do not believe in painting an unrealistic picture and setting expectations that no attorney could meet. I will educate you about the steps that you will need to go through, the choices you will have to make, and the possible outcomes of those choices.

I am available to provide criminal defense against all felonies and misdemeanors, including state charges, federal charges, and juvenile charges, such as:

  • Drunk driving and traffic offenses : DUI, DWI, underage drinking and driving, reckless driving, hit and run, vehicular manslaughter, driving while suspended or revoked, aggressive driving, points accumulation, violations of license restrictions, and Motor Vehicle Administration hearings
  • Drug offenses : marijuana and controlled dangerous substance possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation, drug trafficking, drug conspiracy, misuse of prescription medications or drugs
  • Sex offenses : rape, sexual assault, incest, child pornography, solicitation of a minor, sexual abuse, statutory rape, indecent exposure, unlawful sexual contact or touching
  • Theft : robbery, burglary, shoplifting, retail theft, employee theft, auto theft and unauthorized use, embezzlement, RICO, racketeering, conspiracy
  • Violent crimes : murder, manslaughter, homicide, armed robbery, domestic violence, assault (both felony and misdemeanor), attempted murder, reckless endangerment, involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, carjacking, and all weapons and firearm offenses
  • Domestic violence: domestic abuse, spousal abuse, domestic assault, child abuse
  • White collar crimes: embezzlement, counterfeiting, conspiracy, forgery
  • Malicious destruction of property: vandalism, graffiti

The initial criminal process may begin when you are contacted by the police to speak to them, before charges are even brought. There is no more critical time to have competent legal advice and representation. Your actions or reactions, at this point, may very well determine how, and to what outcome, your case will proceed. You need and must have your own attorney. You need the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby.

Once charged, I will be representing and appearing for you at every stage of the criminal process. This can include the initial bail review, to attempt to lower your bond and secure your freedom, through motions hearings and trial. The law guarantees you the right to counsel. Use that right wisely with the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby.

I am available to handle post-conviction matters as well. If you were not convicted, I can help clear your criminal record through expungement. If you have been convicted, I can assist with appellate matters. If you have lost an appeal, I can help with other collateral attacks on the conviction. Whether a conviction was the result of ineffective assistance from your previous lawyer, a judicial error, a problem with the jury, or any other matter, I can help.

Representing College Students

If you are a student of the University of Maryland College Park and you are facing administrative or Code of Student Conduct charges through the college for a criminal act, such as DUI/DWI, drug or controlled dangerous substance offenses, theft or shoplifting, “date or acquaintance rape” or any other misdemeanor or felony, I can help. I can represent you in University of Maryland judicial board and academic dishonesty hearings.

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