Client Testimonials

The Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby have been meeting the legal needs of clients since 1974. We have established personal relationships with many of our clients, which have resulted in wonderful client feedback.

A client endorsed Steven Jacoby’s work on LinkedIn:

“Dear Steven M.,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “In this ‘business world’ it is hard to find people that are honest, reliable, competent and personable. Some say those are even harder values to find in an attorney. Steven Jacoby embodies all those ideals and more.

If you find yourself with a DUI in the Maryland area, needing help obtaining legitimate SSDI/SSI benefits or even falsely accused of a major crime, there is no better person to have on your side navigating the complicated maze known as ‘the law’.

Steven Jacoby handled my case with a seeming ease and obtained a conclusion that was far better than I even had dreamed. During the whole ordeal, he was upbeat and explained things clearly and concisely in layman’s term I could understand. I literally thank God I found him to handle my situation.

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude!

Service Category: Attorney
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

In a thank you note to Steven Jacoby, a client wrote:

“It has been so reassuring to work with you and we deeply appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your guidance and counsel have been superb. Our sincere appreciation for your professionalism, caring and compassion.”

Another recent client, in a thank you note, stated:

“I want to thank you for everything. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you single-handedly rescued a man’s whole future?”

A long time client recently wrote, at the conclusion of his last case:

“With great appreciation and gratitude for your professional advice and help during my life changing experience”

And other client comments include:

From the attorney father of a student with a student conduct and judicial board problem – “Steve: I really appreciate your taking the time today. Thank you. Your insight was extremely helpful. It always makes me feel good about our profession when I meet people like you.”

“You have been wonderful. I know this case was a huge pain for you! I will always put your name out there for a terrific, patient attorney.”

“I would like to thank you for standing by me and providing all the necessary support during the process. I have no words to express my feelings and gratitude”

From the parent of a student client – “Thank you for your help along the way. Your expertise and knowledge of the process made the successful outcome possible.”

From another parent – “Thank you Steve. I was apprehensive as I could not be in Court with my child. I knew you were providing excellent guidance and support.”

“Thanks for your wise counsel and sage advice”

“Thank you for your attention and caring. It was greatly appreciated”

“Thank you Steve. Great job. I appreciate all of your help and professional care.”

“You have been amazing and our daughter feels very confident with you representing her. Your caring, responsiveness, kindness and capabilities have made a difficult situation bearable. You are a godsend!”

“I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism and attention to detail”

“Thanks for all of your help in helping our daughter and sorting all of these issues out for her. Your efforts are most appreciated”

From a consultation on Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Issues, as an invited speaker, at a University in Saudi Arabia, I received the following:
“We were delighted by your visit to KFUPM and learned a lot from our discussion on academic integrity. Thank you.”

These are the types of relationships that have been built with clients since 1974, and it has led to more cases with these clients and referrals from them to other friends and acquaintances in need of the services of the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby. You don’t have to take my word that my past representations have been effective, successful, and beneficial for my clients.