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Social media and networks are great to help people, particularly college and K – 12 students. They stay in touch with one another constantly by e-mail, chat and texting.

But there’s a very dark side to this phenomenon. People are using their smart phones, not just to take cute family, friend, pet and travel photos, but also to take intimate photos of themselves and others. Sending these photos electronically, by text or email, has been called SEXTING!

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Criminal Consequences for Sexting

Many jurisdictions have criminalized this behavior, with possible dire consequences to both the sender and the recipient. Some states are calling this distribution and/or possession of child pornography, depending on the nature of the image, and the age of the person depicted. Prosecutions for such acts are becoming more frequent, and the police are enforcing these new laws aggressively. The Supreme Court of the United States has held that mere possession of child pornography is a crime, and distribution is even more serious. A criminal record, incarceration, and registration as a sexual offender, can result.

Even if there is no prosecution, once the image is distributed, no one knows to whom the recipient will forward the photo. So what starts out as a prank, or a private moment of intimacy, then becomes a nightmare.

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