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Unless the police have a warrant, you can refuse to let them into your dorm room or even open the door. Of course, in practice, this often seems difficult to do.

I can help you understand your rights, protect yourself in the event an officer comes to your dorm and I can defend you from charges. At the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby, I have been protecting the rights of college students in Maryland for more than 37 years. I have extensive experience defending college students charged with crimes after a dorm room search. I will explain your rights, defend you in court, and represent you before your college’s judicial board or Office of Student Conduct.

If you’ve been arrested after a dorm room search, contact a College Park lawyer [Link to Contact Us] at the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby.

Tactics Used by the Police to Get in Your Dorm

The police use many tactics to get you to open your door and let them in. They may cover the peephole on your door so that you do not know who is there or claim to be “from upstairs.” If you do not know who is at your door, do not open it. Sometimes officers will ask you to step out into the hallway. They often use this trick to sneak a look into your room, and then they may claim to smell marijuana. The truth is unburned marijuana is virtually undetectable by smell when in small quantities.

The police may also try to accompany an RA, community director or other college employee to your room. An RA or community director may have the right to enter your dorm room under your housing agreement. The police do not have this right. You can refuse to let them enter your dorm without a warrant. Be polite about it but know your rights and simply say “no.”

I have successfully represented hundreds of college students who have faced all types of criminal charges in the District, Circuit and Juvenile Courts of Maryland as well as in Federal Court. I also represent college students in judicial board headings and in disciplinary proceedings at their college. I handle all types of criminal cases, from drug charges such as marijuana possession to underage drinking charges. You have rights and I will help you defend them.

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