Personal Page: More Than Just Law

The practice of law has been my professional objective since I was a teenager. But there’s much more to life than just work! Barb, my beloved wife of 41 years, has been my companion and mate throughout this journey. She has always maintained a separate profession, having earned her Ph. D. in 1978. We have been lucky enough to integrate our lives, both personally and professionally. Being there to bounce questions off of each other has enriched our lives and made our journey together an experience to remember. Without her, my career, profession, and joy of life would not be possible!

But life doesn’t end at the office door. We maintain several hobbies and interests that keep us busy and active – golf and reading for me and writing and student mentoring for Barb. Together, we share our love of Barb’s mom, food, wine, travel, wildlife, friends, and the University of Maryland, where we met in October, 1967.

I hope some of these photos we have taken will give you a greater insight to the person who is The Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby! They range from New York to Uruguay to multiple trips to Australia, to Cambodia, and to China for a chance to see, cuddle, and hold baby Giant Pandas, and to new baby geese close to home. Our beloved cat Emily, with her frog friend, is also here.

I hope these photos bring you as much pleasure as they have to us!

Steve Jacoby.