Sex Offenses

College Park Sex Offense Lawyer

Aggressively defending against rape and sexual assault charges

What can be more personally devastating and embarrassing than being charged with rape or a sexual offense of any nature? Most states have rape shield laws protecting the identity of the alleged victim, but no such law protects you. Your world changes in an instant.

For more than 37 years, I have been working to protect people facing charges of rape, sexual assault, or other sexual offenses. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I represent clients throughout Maryland who are facing criminal charges for a sex crime. With offices in Gaithersburg and College Park, I am particularly well located to defend students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maryland College Park.

Contact the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby at 301-779-5560 or 800-864-4488 to schedule a free initial consultation about defending against charges of rape, sexual assault and other sex offenses. Time is of the essence.

Speak to your attorney before you speak to the police. After a rape or other sex crime is reported, the police start to build a case against you immediately, beginning with any statements you make before and during the arrest process. The police may want to speak with you and everything you say can later be used against you.

You need and deserve an aggressive and experienced advocate on your side as soon as possible.

If you have been arrested for rape, sexual assault or any other sex crime, time is of the essence. Don’t wait to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. You need your own attorney and advocate who can advise you and protect your rights. I have represented many persons charged with rape and sexual offenses of varying degrees, both felonies and misdemeanor.

In Maryland, many sex crime convictions will result in mandatory sex offender registration, in addition to other criminal penalties. Sex offense charges, if not properly opposed and defended, can deprive you of your liberty, your family, and your job.

I defend people facing felony and misdemeanor charges in Maryland state or federal criminal courts. I defend adults, juveniles, and many college students facing sex crime charges, including:

  • Rape, sexual assault, aggravated sex offense
  • Date rape or acquaintance rape
  • Child sexual abuse by teachers, trusted adults, daycare providers and family members or other adults in a position of power
  • Statutory rape and statutory sex offense
  • Sexual battery
  • Possession of child pornography, Internet child porn
  • Solicitation of a minor, enticement, and online solicitation
  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution and solicitation
  • Sexting and related offenses
  • Other sex offenses and crimes

Internet sex crimes

State and Federal law enforcement agencies work together to prosecute online sex crimes, especially those involving children. The police are constantly searching the Internet for would-be sexual predators and often use sting operations and other methods to try and apprehend predators. The most common online sex crime activities involve possession or transmission of child pornography and online enticement or solicitation of a minor.

Early intervention can be helpful

The earlier you get a lawyer involved in a case, the more options you may have available for resolution. In some instances, early intervention can possibly prevent charges from being filed or result in the charges being dismissed or lesser charges being brought. Speak with an attorney before you speak to any of the authorities.

Standing by your side

The Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby will be with you through every step of the legal process, from initial investigation through trial and beyond. I will attempt to answer all of your questions. All aspects of your case will be handled by me personally.

Contact the Law Offices of Steven M. Jacoby at 301-779-5560 or 800-864-4488 to schedule a free initial consultation about charges of sexual assault and other sex offenses.